• Importation of H&N CORAL PS
  • Interview with Mr. Gijs Schimmel
  • Writing history with SUPER NICK
  • 8 BROWN NICK introduced onto Bolivian Market
  • LLC Oasis Agro
  • VIV Turkey
  • Promising Region
  • H&N launches two new apps
  • The importance of quality nutrition and management on the breeder farm
  • Inbreeding and heterosis in modern breeding of laying hens
  • Crude fibre in diets for layers – how to realize?



Dear valued customers and partners,

On behalf of the team at H&n International, I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome our new customers to our family.

continuous investments in our breeding programme and improvements to our infra- structure to supply our global customers have been the driving forces for an excellent and steady growth of H&n parent stock sales. the growth of our long-standing custo- mers and the acquisition of several new customers on different continents have contri- buted to the rapid growth of H&n like never before.

selection to meet different market needs and close collaboration with our customers to make our birds better with every generation, will attract even more customers, which by the way, are already touching base with us.

the team of H&n is highly committed in improving the genetic potential of our birds and also in delivering the necessary technical support to convert this potential into higher egg outputs and making your bottom line even better!


Prof. Dr. Rudolf Preisinger

Chief geneticist and managing director